Primal pizza – Mantambre a la pizza

So, after seeing this tantalizing meal on the Food Network, I went for a spin on the internet.

This is a popular snack food in Argentina. There are many recipes out there for how to make it.

Meat pizza.

Flank steak, cut in half horizontally, or pounded thin. Continue reading Primal pizza – Mantambre a la pizza


Pear, meet jar

jam in jars

I’ve had a pretty crappy summer with some mishaps at work that made me stressed, overheated, and angry. So I slept most weekends, or sewed things to calm down. What didn’t happen was canning much in the way of jams and preserves. It’s a hot business that keeps you on your feet for a couple of hours. Was not in the mood, to put it mildly.

Now that the weather is crisp (finally) I got guilted into doing some canning.

Guilted by remarks like this:

“oh, my family really looks forward to those jams you make for the holidays”

“we save those jams you make for the weekend and eat them with cheese and crackers and a good wine”

“what flavors of jam are you making this year?”

I suspect a plot. Continue reading Pear, meet jar

More Thrive love — yeah, I have trouble with math too

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.52.36 PM

OK, they forgot a zero or their algorithm went south. I expect I’ve saved several hundred since January.

I know it’s the internet meme to have your cat sit in the empty Thrive box for a post photo.

I live in a “pet-free” zone. So, here’s the best I can do:


I also try to do unboxing photos with each exquisitely packaged order. Instead, I rip into the box like a deranged wolf looking for the meat sticks.

Hey, nobody’s perfect.

Update: 5/7/16 — next order on the way:

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.19.23 PM

That’s more like it.

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Spring cleanse: Suffering something chronic? Try something tonic

My week-long spring cleanse ended yesterday. Whoot.

I reminded myself of some good habits to follow this week, and invented some new ones. To keep my mouth and brain from getting bored, I made a few things that taste great, have interesting texture, and support health. Particularly in the drinks department as wine and my hacked vodka were off the menu. Continue reading Spring cleanse: Suffering something chronic? Try something tonic

@Factor75: 10 Easy Paleo Recipes You Haven’t Seen Before (#9 Is Our Favorite) | Factor75 Blog

Hey, that way to make lasagne with butternut squash is great — I do it all the time. You’ll be all “zucchini-what?”

10 excellent recipes.

via 10 Easy Paleo Recipes You Haven’t Seen Before (#9 Is Our Favorite) | Factor75 Blog

Chicha Morada

More of the tale of fixing the troubles I mention in last post: here is a drink from Peru that does wonders for my blood numbers (A1C is excellent these days), and is said to have many health benefits. For me, it’s a superb anti-inflammatory. Not bad with pisco or vodka either, but I’m off the hard stuff for a whole. And, yes, I had pineapple trimmings in that same freezer of doom. Why, you might ask, do I beg pineapple trimmings off people who eat pineapples? This drink.

This is made of purple corn, some pineapple peelings, and usually apples. Add spices and simmer for about an hour, until the drink is very deeply-colored. It’s a glass full of antioxidants. Just don’t spill it. It stains like heck.

I got the recipe from a Peruvian friend, and then tried to amp up the antioxidant value with some additions. No effect on taste, as the spices are pretty forward. Continue reading Chicha Morada

“Emergency” chili

I had a couple of bad weekends recently because of drug and supplement reactions. As it turns out, diclofenac, the NSAID I take for pain, doesn’t get along at all with my blood pressure med (candesartan) or with the coumarin in the cinnamon I used to use. I usually don’t use much diclofenac, so the drug didn’t have the opportunity to react with the rest of my daily doses until I had some significant pain.

I took a lot of diclofenac in January, as an old shoulder injury I had flared up again. In the last blood test, done after taking 2-3 diclofenic tablets a day, my kidney and liver functions were all out of whack. Continue reading “Emergency” chili

Great keto infographic (and post) from Factor 75

Factor 75 is one of those pre-prepared meal delivery places with a DIFFERENCE.  The specialize in paleo menus, which are by definition gluten-free; theirs are grass-fed and non-GMO to boot.They have vegetarian and dairy-free options too. Continue reading Great keto infographic (and post) from Factor 75

Dr.@DavidPerlmutter, all I am saying is give peace ( I mean ketchup) a chance

And best wishes to Dr. Permutter and all of you for the holidays.

I have already written a post on Dr. @David Perlmutter ‘s book, Brain Maker. The premise of the book is that if your gut microbiome is healthy, so should you be. I have to say that following the precepts of the book are working well for me and my MS.

However one phrase brought me into sharp disagreement. It said “forget ketchup.”


I won’t. Continue reading Dr.@DavidPerlmutter, all I am saying is give peace ( I mean ketchup) a chance

The ‘booch is back in town– starting over with kombucha

As some of you may remember I moved house in late December of last year. Moved between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Moved 2/10 of a mile to another unit in my same complex. One of the things I had to dismantle was this:

kombucha culture in a jar
My old kombucha. Sigh.

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The sweet potato fly is done

I harvested the  sweet potato fly after four days–that’s from Sunday to Thursday. The pot was just beginning to form small clumps of hard white yeast on the top of, and had tiny bubbles coming up and around the raft of sweet potatoes. The eggshell turned a weird color. Continue reading The sweet potato fly is done

Make whey — #culturesforhealth

yogurt strainer from
I’m nothing if not literal in this post. I’m making whey in this thing.

You can do this with a fine strainer in a bowl, some cheese cloth to line the strainer, and a lid to cover the whole draining rig, but I do this a lot, so I have a tool for it–also works great for salting and draining cucumbers.

This is a super-fine soft fabric sieve that fits in a draining bowl with a tight fitting lid. You can leave it in the fridge without getting stinky yogurt from the other things that might be in your chill-chest

Continue reading Make whey — #culturesforhealth

#brainmaker: “Brain Maker,” A new book by Dr. David Perlmutter

Click for a link to this book on Amazon. Well worth the effort!

I downloaded David Perlmutter’s new book, Brain Makerˆfrom the e-collection at my library. Then I read it. All of it. Every word.Then I went to bed. All that happened between 3pm and 11pm last Sunday. You might say I was motivated to read this book.

Looking at the blurb on the promo image above tells you the essential message of the book: protect your gut’s microbes: protect and heal your brain. Continue reading #brainmaker: “Brain Maker,” A new book by Dr. David Perlmutter

What to do when your brain catches fire


Sorry for the silence. I’ve had a bit of a setback this past week.

My work is seasonal, and the week-before-last was one of those “hair-on-fire” weeks. My brain took the hit, as I worked in excess of 55 hours in five days. I thought I’d gotten through OK, was rather smug about it in fact, but I found myself in the middle of an MS episode last weekend. The symptoms started to cascade: loss of balance, chills and fever, symptoms of food poisoning (sure sign I have an episode in progress), and extreme fatigue. Continue reading What to do when your brain catches fire