Pennsylvania Dutch crack — red pepper jelly

hot chile jelly

Red pepper jelly is a staple of the classic PA Dutch repertoire. Sweet or  hot. Clear with a reddish tint to it.

On cream cheese with crackers, oh my. These days I have it on cream cheese on a red pepper square.

The old Ball Jar canning book — the BLUE one–careful how you say that — which everyone had when I was growing up, had a good recipe for this, so I went looking. Continue reading Pennsylvania Dutch crack — red pepper jelly


Memorial Day, American cheese

It’s gone from chilly to steamy swamp where I live.

Health crisis. MS symptoms all over the place.

I wanted a burger on Memorial day — bison, in my case, in the James Beard fashion with salt, pepper, and some pulverized yellow onion, with juice. Plus, I caramelized some other white onions, with a splash of balsamic at the end, and added that to the raw meat for extra moisture. With two cheeses on top. Real cheddar, and melt-y American over. Grilled on a two-burner stove grill pan, medium-rare, flipping once before cheese.

That was yummy.

The star of the day, though was sweet potatoes. I made a salad, using the recipe I usually do, mayonnaise-mustard based with some pickle. Continue reading Memorial Day, American cheese