Memorial Day, American cheese

It’s gone from chilly to steamy swamp where I live.

Health crisis. MS symptoms all over the place.

I wanted a burger on Memorial day — bison, in my case, in the James Beard fashion with salt, pepper, and some pulverized yellow onion, with juice. Plus, I caramelized some other white onions, with a splash of balsamic at the end, and added that to the raw meat for extra moisture. With two cheeses on top. Real cheddar, and melt-y American over. Grilled on a two-burner stove grill pan, medium-rare, flipping once before cheese.

That was yummy.

The star of the day, though was sweet potatoes. I made a salad, using the recipe I usually do, mayonnaise-mustard based with some pickle.

That’s not all. I had a sack of sweet potatoes.

This, this, was the star, at about 7 0-clock on the plate:


Sliced 1/4.” Brushed or sprayed with oil, both sides.

Sprinkled with this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.43.03 PM

(Romano and stuff–read the ingredients at Penzeys)

Topped with more American cheese.

And Parmesan with coarse-ground pepper to top. Bake at 350F until the potatoes were fork-tender, and the cheese melted, about 25 minutes.

Slightly better cold than hot, delicious both ways.

With that, yum hotdogs from the Brooklyn Hotdog Company, also on the stovetop grill.

Hot dog ingredients: Beef, Water, Mustard, Paprika, Pepper, Coriander, Garlic, Sea Salt, Citrus Powder, Celery Powder, Cherry Powder, in Sheep Casing. Yeah, I know — some hot dogs have gluten and stuff I won’t mention. This company tastes great and the ingredients are likewise.

The blob in between is finely mined red onion and cheap yellow mustard. Weird color, tastes great.

The “bun” was half an Udi’s pizza crust. As with all gluten-free products, eat fast and enjoy before it turns to cardboard.

For me, this was a carb blow-out, but not so bad at 15 gm for the “bun” – plus ithis crust won’t disintegrate before you’re done eating the burger. Bonus.


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