DaCrema da Crop

My doctor recommended CBD for pain relief. Cannabinoid oil. Yes, from cannabis.

In particular, she mentioned this company, because they use no solvents to extract CBD from industrial hemp. It is legal in all 50 states. It doesn’t make you high. You won’t get the munchies. It can erase pain

I vape it

I put it under my tongue

The lip balm is amazing.

DaCrema Botanicals.


They  follow up each order with a personal email. Then they randomly send me free samples. And information about the status of hemp in the US. No disclaimer here; it just happens. I decided to write about it today because I was so grateful to open up my last order.

I give the free samples to friends with chronic pain, but I hoard the lip balm. Sorry.

In the photo above, I ordered the syringe with the concentrated CBD. The rest they just sent. LIP BALM! (Although the sub-lingual drops are also like gold around here. Got through the flu on them–otherwise falling over  because legs buckle, stabby pain from the chest down, (and other fun MS stuff.)




Healthy gut bacteria can reduce symptoms of Celiac in children following a gluten-free diet

Good health,  good gut environment. There seems to be no end to these findings.

Do you know a child with celiac? Are they having trouble avoiding discomfort–despite following a gluten-free diet? (Cross-reactions are possible with other foods that are molecularly similar to gluten.)

Probiotics might help.

Read more from ProThera (Klaire Labs).






Spring cleanse: Suffering something chronic? Try something tonic

My week-long spring cleanse ended yesterday. Whoot.

I reminded myself of some good habits to follow this week, and invented some new ones. To keep my mouth and brain from getting bored, I made a few things that taste great, have interesting texture, and support health. Particularly in the drinks department as wine and my hacked vodka were off the menu. Continue reading Spring cleanse: Suffering something chronic? Try something tonic

Liver-friendly topical pain relief

I have been on a hunt for some pain relief that will not compromise my liver. I figured I’d start from the outside in. I’ve had enough drama involving insides lately, and wanted to give them a break.

While topical creams can avoid gastric complications, some contain ingredients, which when absorbed through the skin, can have the same side effects as those taken internally. You have to be doubly careful if you are using such a cream while also taking an oral pain reliever with similar ingredients.

Pictured here are three pain relievers. Two are “natural” remedies, one is by prescription. Continue reading Liver-friendly topical pain relief

Seed cream — and the PK Protocol

I have lately added some new oils to my life, one a particularly brain-healthy one called PC, or phosphatidylcholine. My doctor told me to be particularly careful about brand here, and not to substitute cheaper versions for the PC oils made by Body Bio, Xymogen, or Nutrasal. Rather than using something cheaper, the doc said to take as much as I could afford of a good brand.

PC oil is a highly refined replacement for something you body naturally produces. It has similarities to, but is NOT the same as, lethicin and unlike the waxy candle-tasting beads of my fab ’70s childhood  when my grandmother took that stuff with everything — and shoved it into me too if I didn’t disappear fast enough — PC oil is water-soluble, and apparently very hard to make. Continue reading Seed cream — and the PK Protocol

The 40% solution?

To drink or not to drink with chronic pain associated with a disease like Multiple Sclerosis? There are two recent studies that argue for pro- and con-sides of the argument. The “pro” study says that regular moderate consumption improves the EDSS scores of MS patients. Another says that moderate drinking reduces the risk of developing MS. Continue reading The 40% solution?

Med-making day

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today, I made a custom mix of supplements, some Ceylon cinnamon capsules, and the usual biotin test tubes. Here’s a slideshow about making capsules. I get my supplies at bulksupplements.com; I get the cinnamon from Penzey’s.

Yes, my medicine tray is a masala dhaba, a traditional stainless-steel Indian spice tray with seven cups and a lid. (Pfft to those “day-of-the-week” ones from the drugstore.)

The ‘booch is back in town– starting over with kombucha

As some of you may remember I moved house in late December of last year. Moved between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Moved 2/10 of a mile to another unit in my same complex. One of the things I had to dismantle was this:

kombucha culture in a jar
My old kombucha. Sigh.

Continue reading The ‘booch is back in town– starting over with kombucha

The sweet potato fly is done

I harvested the  sweet potato fly after four days–that’s from Sunday to Thursday. The pot was just beginning to form small clumps of hard white yeast on the top of, and had tiny bubbles coming up and around the raft of sweet potatoes. The eggshell turned a weird color. Continue reading The sweet potato fly is done

What to do when your brain catches fire


Sorry for the silence. I’ve had a bit of a setback this past week.

My work is seasonal, and the week-before-last was one of those “hair-on-fire” weeks. My brain took the hit, as I worked in excess of 55 hours in five days. I thought I’d gotten through OK, was rather smug about it in fact, but I found myself in the middle of an MS episode last weekend. The symptoms started to cascade: loss of balance, chills and fever, symptoms of food poisoning (sure sign I have an episode in progress), and extreme fatigue. Continue reading What to do when your brain catches fire

More about teeth: a green, clean, perhaps even ancient, routine. (Oil-pulling will be mentioned. Brace yourself.)

joke chattering teeth

In this post, I’d like to talk a bit more about mouth care. I’ve already mentioned my frequent cleaning schedule and the reasoning behind it in a previous post. Now, I’d like to say more about my daily routine. It starts with oil-pulling.

Oil-pulling. It was all over the web for a while, with some folks touting its miraculous healing properties and others slamming the practice as a fad. Oil-pulling is now considered a pretty sound practice, even on conservative medical-advice sites. My dentist’s office recommends it. Continue reading More about teeth: a green, clean, perhaps even ancient, routine. (Oil-pulling will be mentioned. Brace yourself.)

Mouth care to prevent whole-body inflammation

It’s great when you feel confident about your smile. When your breath is not in the least bit dragon-ish, and when your choppers are nice and white.

Judging from the ads for those whitening trays and products in the US market, whiteness seems to be a national obsession. I don’t remember the last time I saw an ad for tooth floss. Although toothpaste wars are common, they mostly talk about fresh breath and cosmetics. Continue reading Mouth care to prevent whole-body inflammation