Healthy gut bacteria can reduce symptoms of Celiac in children following a gluten-free diet

Good health,  good gut environment. There seems to be no end to these findings.

Do you know a child with celiac? Are they having trouble avoiding discomfort–despite following a gluten-free diet? (Cross-reactions are possible with other foods that are molecularly similar to gluten.)

Probiotics might help.

Read more from ProThera (Klaire Labs).







Study on Old Order Amish reveals link between metabolic syndrome and gut microbiome

This is hardly news — it’s another feather in a pile that weighs a ton.

If you have read Dr. David Perlmutter’s book BrainMaker, you may have been struck by his account of a gut war going on between two bacterial strains: Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes.

This battle has a lot to do with the obesity epidemic. Continue reading Study on Old Order Amish reveals link between metabolic syndrome and gut microbiome

Spring cleanse: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, swish

I decided to try to take control of the recent blood test fiasco by doing a detox this month, right before my next blood test.

I used a product from Garden of Life called Raw Cleanse.

The cleanse has three parts:

  1. a probiotic mix you swish and swallow first thing every morning
  2. organ-detox capsules
  3. a fiber-rich mix to help with elimination.

It was an easy, gentle formula, that didn’t require being too close to a bathroom, and I was able to go to work all week. Continue reading Spring cleanse: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, swish

Thistle Truce!

After three weeks of incremental additions to the dose, I’m finally on the recommended 40 drops of this stuff, three times a day. And, I feel pretty darn good.

My doctor put me on this blend when recent blood tests showed elevated liver and kidney functions. I’ve since found that a lot of the problem was caused by diclofenac, a precsription NSAID pain reliever (liver-knew about that) and the diclofenac in combination with candesartan (kidney). Continue reading Thistle Truce!

Dr.@DavidPerlmutter, all I am saying is give peace ( I mean ketchup) a chance

And best wishes to Dr. Permutter and all of you for the holidays.

I have already written a post on Dr. @David Perlmutter ‘s book, Brain Maker. The premise of the book is that if your gut microbiome is healthy, so should you be. I have to say that following the precepts of the book are working well for me and my MS.

However one phrase brought me into sharp disagreement. It said “forget ketchup.”


I won’t. Continue reading Dr.@DavidPerlmutter, all I am saying is give peace ( I mean ketchup) a chance

The sweet potato fly is done

I harvested the  sweet potato fly after four days–that’s from Sunday to Thursday. The pot was just beginning to form small clumps of hard white yeast on the top of, and had tiny bubbles coming up and around the raft of sweet potatoes. The eggshell turned a weird color. Continue reading The sweet potato fly is done

Sweet Potato Fly. Not so sweet; totally “fly”

Think if it as ur-soda. This is a homemade drink that is going to ferment, yes, I said ferment, at room temperature for several days until it gets slightly fizzy, slightly tangy, and deliciously spicy. Think ginger-fizz with added oomph. It will get slightly alcoholic if you leave it long enough. I usually don’t. (That’s what vodka is for.)

This will give the good bugs in your gut a healthy boost: Continue reading Sweet Potato Fly. Not so sweet; totally “fly”

#brainmaker: “Brain Maker,” A new book by Dr. David Perlmutter

Click for a link to this book on Amazon. Well worth the effort!

I downloaded David Perlmutter’s new book, Brain Makerˆfrom the e-collection at my library. Then I read it. All of it. Every word.Then I went to bed. All that happened between 3pm and 11pm last Sunday. You might say I was motivated to read this book.

Looking at the blurb on the promo image above tells you the essential message of the book: protect your gut’s microbes: protect and heal your brain. Continue reading #brainmaker: “Brain Maker,” A new book by Dr. David Perlmutter