Thistle Truce!

After three weeks of incremental additions to the dose, I’m finally on the recommended 40 drops of this stuff, three times a day. And, I feel pretty darn good.

My doctor put me on this blend when recent blood tests showed elevated liver and kidney functions. I’ve since found that a lot of the problem was caused by diclofenac, a precsription NSAID pain reliever (liver-knew about that) and the diclofenac in combination with candesartan (kidney).

So, the last three weeks involved a lot of effort on my part to solve a drug interactions you’d think would have been predictable, or at least mentioned in the first place–OK, I usually don’t take the full dose of diclofenac, so this never showed up before–but three of those tablets and one candesartan per day, and all hell broke loose. Well, no. . . the hellish and loose part happened after I started the thistles, to fix one problem that should have been . . .  never mind. It’s over. I figured out the kidney thing using a free iPhone app. Go figure? Literally.

This thistle compound from Herbalist and Alchemist provides liver support. I’ve used it before. It’s great. This time, I think my health wasn’t good enough to support the liver support.

So, I also decided to do a detox this week, thinking things were pretty out of whack, if only from the extreme reaction I first had to the thistles. “UGH,” said folks I work with, “that is THE WORST.”

  • “You can’t have sugar”
  • “You can’t have junk food”
  • “You can’t have fried stuff”
  • “You can’t have soda”
  • “You can’t have beans”
  • “You can’t have grains”
  • “You can’t have most fruits, or some vegetables, like potatoes”
  • “You can’t have . . . insert allergen here”

So far, that’s my normal diet. I gave up . . . hmmmm . . . what?

OK, I gave up dairy. I gave up alcohol. I gave up coffee, except for what’s in my bulletproof blend. I’m on my third of seven days.

I forgot the best prediction:

  • “You can’t believe how much time you’ll spend in the bathroom!”

Um, no.

This thistle complex intro was like a PhD in detox. What I’m doing now is like playschool by comparison. It has even MORE thistle in it, in addition to what I’m taking. So far, so good.

I now feel like the first cardoon of Spring.


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