Bulletproof: something to lose

bulletproof copy
I’m bulletproof, fire away, fire away. I’ve also got more stuff in this cup than the recipe linked below, but more on that another time.

Dave Asprey, who first introduced the idea of bulletproof coffee in 2009, is a person with serious IT street cred, having worked for Trend Micro, Blue Coat and Citrix. According to some sources, he was also among the first to think of putting the caffeine molecule on a tee-shirt. Awesome.

Despite my admiration for his tech chops, the idea of putting butter in coffee seemed a bit, er — yakky — pun intended. Then, I tried it. It tastes pretty good!

The simple recipe for bulletproof coffee is a combination of high-quality coffee, butter, and a fractionalized coconut oil that is composed of medium-chain triglycerides. Continue reading Bulletproof: something to lose


In pursuit of pure water. Or at least water that tastes that way

I recently had a heavy-metal test (no, not that kind — the sort that detects blood toxins) and found my lead levels were very high. The test’s written interpretation suggested that my life’s work might be as a welder, or someone who works in a battery factory.

A couple of years earlier, I found my blood showed a high level of MTBE, which, as my doctor said, indicated that my life’s work might be pumping gas at a gas station. (Aside: I moved to a state where it’s illegal to pump your own gas, only because I hate the smell so much. So, I don’t think sitting in the driver’s seat while someone puts gas in my jalopy once a month is a high health risk.)

I have a white-collar job. I sit and type in front of a computer all day. While some the emails I receive might be construed as toxic, I don’t think they have a lasting effect on my blood composition. Blood pressure, yes, lead , mercury or cadmium in the veins, no. Continue reading In pursuit of pure water. Or at least water that tastes that way