Pennsylvania Dutch crack — red pepper jelly

hot chile jelly

Red pepper jelly is a staple of the classic PA Dutch repertoire. Sweet or  hot. Clear with a reddish tint to it.

On cream cheese with crackers, oh my. These days I have it on cream cheese on a red pepper square.

The old Ball Jar canning book — the BLUE one–careful how you say that — which everyone had when I was growing up, had a good recipe for this, so I went looking. Continue reading Pennsylvania Dutch crack — red pepper jelly


Bah, what’s up with jars these days?

I remember as a kid the main screaming-point where the mother met the fridge was the fact that I didn’t screw on the jar lids tightly enough. Well, I expect the first few decades of that horrible behavior was laziness. Anything after about age 25 was probably MS.

These days, I can’t open some lids, and I struggle to close them. Small ones, like water bottles, I close and can’t open again. Hours of fun there. Continue reading Bah, what’s up with jars these days?

Last weekend’s jam marathon


My exhausting jam-a-thon. Totally worth it. This is Christmas in the bank.

It was a loooong weekend last week. A three-day weekend that felt like a week.

Every single pear in that blasted bushel (about 80 pears) made it into a jar. Continue reading Last weekend’s jam marathon