Pear, meet jar

jam in jars

I’ve had a pretty crappy summer with some mishaps at work that made me stressed, overheated, and angry. So I slept most weekends, or sewed things to calm down. What didn’t happen was canning much in the way of jams and preserves. It’s a hot business that keeps you on your feet for a couple of hours. Was not in the mood, to put it mildly.

Now that the weather is crisp (finally) I got guilted into doing some canning.

Guilted by remarks like this:

“oh, my family really looks forward to those jams you make for the holidays”

“we save those jams you make for the weekend and eat them with cheese and crackers and a good wine”

“what flavors of jam are you making this year?”

I suspect a plot. Continue reading Pear, meet jar


Last weekend’s jam marathon


My exhausting jam-a-thon. Totally worth it. This is Christmas in the bank.

It was a loooong weekend last week. A three-day weekend that felt like a week.

Every single pear in that blasted bushel (about 80 pears) made it into a jar. Continue reading Last weekend’s jam marathon