Jam yesterday, jam today, jam tomorrow . . . gosh, I hope I’m done by Monday!

The ingredients for Rachael Saunders’ Pear Jam with Rosemary & Pine.

I’m making jam today. Lots of it.

Inspired by this:

Fresh Direct had a pretty good price on a case of pears. I never really stopped to think how many pears were in 1 bushel. Hint: enough for three days of jam-making. I need minions.

My jam pot, which usually gets put to work in early June, didn’t get the wake-up call this year until October. Oh well. It’s not exactly a “make hay while the sun shines” way of doing things. So, I’ve been lazy. But hey, PEARS are in season. And I have ZERO holiday gifts lined up. As I usually give homemade jams and such as gifts, people are all like “we’re getting that strawberry-balsamic-thyme jam again this year, right?”

Well, that’s lost the spirit of gift-giving, if you ask me, but I enjoy making it, although I don’t keep any for myself. No strawberries this year, kids. The jam factory went on a lazy-strike in June.

And no better way to figure out how to use those pears than by consulting this:

Man, I love this book. I first had the Kindle edition, until I figured out I was missing something, design-wise. So, I asked for a copy of the hardcover for my birthday a few years ago (thanks, Helen).

What a glorious, beautiful, artfully designed hunk of book. And the recipes seem even more amazing when you see them right next to their luscious photographs.

This recipe is copyrighted, but has been posted, with permission, at The Splendid Table.

So, I started yesterday:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then the whole big bowl got covered tightly in plastic wrap weighted by a plate, and went back into the fridge overnight to make lots of lovely, pectin-filled sugary fruit juice. (None of Rachel Saunders’ recipes use commercial pectin, as far as I can tell. Approve.)

More tomorrow. Today: goal = three batches. I’m sure my head will be cooked by the end of it, so I’ll spare you the heat-crazed typing.


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