Excuse me waiter . . . there’s a sot in my fly


OK, I don’t usually use a lot of sugar. Usually. In fact, I ordinarily add it by the pinch or the teaspoonful.

I made a new batch of sweet-potato fly earlier in the week, and used yams this time, with half palm sugar and half cane sugar for the ferment. I scooped out a cup of each type of sugar.

When I was draining the fly I heard a weird clanging noise in the bottom of the the pot and something BIG went by when I was pouring the solids into the strainer. I had some big-ish pieces of yam in there that got stuck between the lid and the blade of the processor, but nothing of that magnitude.

And so I dug around in the scraps and found my gingerbread man humidifier for the palm sugar. You soak this terracotta figure in water, and store it with the sugar so the sugar stays soft. I accidentally scooped him up along with the palm sugar.


(So, I guess I didn’t use EXACTLY two cups of sugar. Two cups minus the volume of one small gingerbread terracotta man. Oh well, the drink turned out fine.)

I’m not, however, too sure about the gingerbread guy.

OHHH . . . .  NOOOO, Mr Bill!

(I think he’s drunk.)


I’m afraid we had to put him into detox.


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