Real Good Pizza, greater

I’ve been going through this Real Good Foods Pizza by the case.

For purely empirical reasons of course.

I’m not that selfless, but it’s the perfect thing to eat on those days when there’s nothing much around to eat, and you’re hungry, and this is just about as good as anything you could imagining wanting to eat anyway. Those days, for, example, when you might just have ordered in a pizza, pre-celiac, pre-primal, pre-keto. Continue reading Real Good Pizza, greater


Primal pizza – Mantambre a la pizza

So, after seeing this tantalizing meal on the Food Network, I went for a spin on the internet.

This is a popular snack food in Argentina. There are many recipes out there for how to make it.

Meat pizza.

Flank steak, cut in half horizontally, or pounded thin. Continue reading Primal pizza – Mantambre a la pizza

Memorial Day, American cheese

It’s gone from chilly to steamy swamp where I live.

Health crisis. MS symptoms all over the place.

I wanted a burger on Memorial day — bison, in my case, in the James Beard fashion with salt, pepper, and some pulverized yellow onion, with juice. Plus, I caramelized some other white onions, with a splash of balsamic at the end, and added that to the raw meat for extra moisture. With two cheeses on top. Real cheddar, and melt-y American over. Grilled on a two-burner stove grill pan, medium-rare, flipping once before cheese.

That was yummy.

The star of the day, though was sweet potatoes. I made a salad, using the recipe I usually do, mayonnaise-mustard based with some pickle. Continue reading Memorial Day, American cheese

More eggs baked in meat

It’s a compulsion. I can’t help myself.

No, not really, it’s leftover from this:


Prosciutto baked to a crisp with some seasoning. The crispiest crunchy thing I’ve been able to achieve with meat-crackers. The even get crisper and more shatter-y as they cool. Meat Doritos. Take these things to a chips and dips event and they will be devoured by the glutenous. Eat your share first.


Healthy gut bacteria can reduce symptoms of Celiac in children following a gluten-free diet

Good health,  good gut environment. There seems to be no end to these findings.

Do you know a child with celiac? Are they having trouble avoiding discomfort–despite following a gluten-free diet? (Cross-reactions are possible with other foods that are molecularly similar to gluten.)

Probiotics might help.

Read more from ProThera (Klaire Labs).






Hello Moon(s): What your nails can tell you about B vitamins (and Celiac)

Some decades ago I read a book about a very proper woman, who maintained that each nail on a well-groomed hand should have a perfect half moon at the base. Not to have them indicated you were some sort of cultural slacker.

I thought ‘is this some crazy habit like having your purse match your shoes?’– or perhaps a genetic anomaly, like twinsets, duck boots, pearls and Lilly Pulitzer?

But then I thought I’d try to achieve those half moons. Continue reading Hello Moon(s): What your nails can tell you about B vitamins (and Celiac)

Spring cleanse: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, swish

I decided to try to take control of the recent blood test fiasco by doing a detox this month, right before my next blood test.

I used a product from Garden of Life called Raw Cleanse.

The cleanse has three parts:

  1. a probiotic mix you swish and swallow first thing every morning
  2. organ-detox capsules
  3. a fiber-rich mix to help with elimination.

It was an easy, gentle formula, that didn’t require being too close to a bathroom, and I was able to go to work all week. Continue reading Spring cleanse: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, swish