Spring cleanse: bitter greens

I am thinking Spring this week, despite gale-force winds and a temperature that feels like 33F. I bought some pots for outdoor plants, and I bought a lot of fresh greens to help my detox this week and keep things interesting.

From top left, radicchio, arugula, scallions, sprouts, watercress, and radishes.

I pack a mix of these greens into jars for the week. Then I suck out the air to keep them fresh longer.

DSC_0437Although it is not a permanent seal, it lasts between 7 to 10 days, and keeps salad fresh for up to two weeks with a sturdy green like romaine. These are pretty fragile leaves, so I’ll give them about six days at peak. Rings aren’t necessary, you just need fresh lids and jars with a good rim. The machine is one of those vacuum bag things, with a port for containers, and a special attachment for wide-mouth canning jars.

I keep these around to eat at home, and add the more perishable stuff–sprouts, dressing, fresh fruit, hot protein, whatever–when I open the jars and use the salad.

For more immediate consumption, for example, lunch at work, I have a canning-jar-bento-container that can keep the dressing apart from the greens.

DSC_0445Just pop on a lid over the dressing-bento box and go.

Today I had the leftover greens from salad making for breakfast with crunchy duck and celeriac “croutons.” The celeriac is roasted in duck fat too. Yum.



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