@IndigoWild I still love you

UDATE 4/5/16: From the cool folk at @Indigo Wild:

Thx 4 the love! The F&M is still the same, it will naturally get darker as it ages. Like fine wine, it gets better with age. 🙂


Seriously, what’s up with this?

I’ve been buying this soap for years.

It never was this color before.

Did a get a  melatonin-challenged bottle? It’s about 32 shades lighter than it used to be.


IMO, this is the best laundry soap ever. Not detergent, soap. It leaves a wonderful lingering fragrance on clothing, and no other products, such as softener, are needed. Whatever your belief system, if the Magi came bearing frankincense and myrrh, they were truly delivering a precious and luxurious gift. No wonder it is the most popular scent from Indigo Wild’s ZUM brands.

The Sea Salt and Sweet Orange also smell great, but have a lighter, less lingering scent, if you are scent-sitive, or frequent a perfume-free workplace, you might want to start there. They all are equally good at cleaning clothes. I even use this in my carpet shampooer rather than the nasty chemical cleaner they make for the machine.

I hope this is the same wonderful stuff as ever — just now comes in pale.


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