@vacuvita <3

Long ago, in a Indiegogo campaign beyond memory, I backed a project called Vacuvita. It was an integrated food storage system.

I moved twice during that time, and pretty much figured it was one of those lost things, like Atlantis.

But after three-and-a-half years, it rocked up this past November.

It was worth the wait.

As in those old quiz shows when everyone asked “is it bigger than a breadbox?” (what’s a breadbox?, you might reasonably ask), the answer to the first question is “yes.” It would, in fact, make a very fine breadbox, if you were into bread. I thought I might resent the counter space it takes up, but it has proved to be very useful for the veggie-rich, grain-free life this summer. In fact, it’s a real trooper. The fact that is is always at hand is an advantage.


I keep tea and spices in the main container. It works to keep anything that is safe at room temperature fresh. The inside is always in a vacuum state.

Although I already have a FoodSaver, and use it to store in containers, I have to say to really love the containers that come with this thing. You put stuff inside, pinch the seal to release the vacuum, take out what you want and reseal the rest. The containers are not at all fussy about resealing, no matter how little may be left inside. There is a hose and port adaptor that works with the containers. There are plastic bags too, but I haven’t gotten into them. The containers are dishwasher-safe, sturdy, and look cool.

So, this:


became this:


to this:


and ultimately, this:


I can even zoodle straight into the containers.


There is an app that keeps track of what is in each container (each has a unique QR code, and will remind you to consume it), I have to say that usually, I use green ones for green things, white ones for cauliflower and orange ones for sweet potatoes and butternut. (They recommend against storing onions and garlic or other very pungent things in the containers.)

However, there was a dearth of cauliflower in the market this week, ditto, my lettuce was sold out in my share box. To compensate, there was double zucchini., So, I have DIFFERENT COLORS in the containers. Twitch.

OK, that’s embarrassing.  I’ll get over it.

It’s all mostly all zoodles this week. Monster zucchini, Usually one fits in a small container (quart). This week one squash filled the two-quart containers.

Zoodle fatigue will be spelled by the broc-booli:


which is a passable tabouli made of broccoli and the usual ingredients. It’s a fair approximation of the texture of bulgar, which is to say you process the broc a bit past the “rice” stage, steam lightly, drain, and follow your favorite tabouli recipe.

Bulg-li. Broc-gar. Tastes good. Also made zoodles with a kale/mint/basil pesto, which will wait for a different post.



4 thoughts on “@vacuvita <3

  1. I also backed the program of VacuVita but I am still waiting endlessly.
    The funny thing is that they never send any updates.
    Not Good !


    1. Hi Juri,
      Since I changed address twice I had the opportunity to ping them for signs of life.

      I would contact them and ask where yours is. If you missed the email for the last request for address confirmation, they may have just missed you.

      They have a proper site now, so I’d inquire. I found Indiegogo keeps very short records.

      Good luck! I hope you get one soon.


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