Spring cleanse: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, swish

I decided to try to take control of the recent blood test fiasco by doing a detox this month, right before my next blood test.

I used a product from Garden of Life called Raw Cleanse.

The cleanse has three parts:

  1. a probiotic mix you swish and swallow first thing every morning
  2. organ-detox capsules
  3. a fiber-rich mix to help with elimination.

It was an easy, gentle formula, that didn’t require being too close to a bathroom, and I was able to go to work all week.

I ate allergen-free, as I (mostly) do, but also avoided dairy, alcohol, and soy, which I consume occasionally. I ate more raw food than I usually do.

Surprise discovery: my morning “allergy” symptoms are not seasonal. They are cow-related. Still occasionally blowing my nose three times in the morning is probably worth a bit of good cheese now and again.

Despite the fact that the mix contains wheat grass and barley grass, it is gluten free (wheat and barley grass ARE gluten-free as long as the grass has not gone to seed). I had no discomfort or reactions using it. The fiber mix is not the best tasting thing I’ve ever had, but the rest of it was rather pleasant.

Here is an ingredient list:

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 3.17.15 PM

I also continued to supplement with the thistle mix I’ve grown to love. (I’ve decided to maintain the dose at 35 drops three times a day. 40 still sometimes irritates my gut, putting all those precious microbiome bugs I cultivate at risk of an eviction notice.)

Blood tests back in the coming week. I’ll see if all the effort has made a difference.


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