Long weekend

I mean loooong weekend.

To which I was very much looking forward.

I knew I was getting my garden plants. I was also expecting a furniture delivery: tall leather upholstered headboards I’ve been lusting after for three years. They finally went on sale. A month later, I was really getting them. Thrilled.

After a year and a half in this apartment, I wanted to take advantage of my “extra” day to get my balcony all fixed up so I could sit out there and have a nice glass of wine and relax. Perhaps while looking at my new plants.

I moved two Christmases ago, and was still so knackered by early spring, I skipped the pot plants last summer. Now, I had pots, a plan, plants out for delivery –and was ready.

Here’s what happened. Continue reading Long weekend


Bah, what’s up with jars these days?

I remember as a kid the main screaming-point where the mother met the fridge was the fact that I didn’t screw on the jar lids tightly enough. Well, I expect the first few decades of that horrible behavior was laziness. Anything after about age 25 was probably MS.

These days, I can’t open some lids, and I struggle to close them. Small ones, like water bottles, I close and can’t open again. Hours of fun there. Continue reading Bah, what’s up with jars these days?