The sweet potato fly is done

I harvested the  sweet potato fly after four days–that’s from Sunday to Thursday. The pot was just beginning to form small clumps of hard white yeast on the top of, and had tiny bubbles coming up and around the raft of sweet potatoes. The eggshell turned a weird color.

I strained twice through a fine sieve to get out all the solids, and put the fly in glass jars in the refrigerator. I stir it before serving. Some sediment in the bottom of the glass is normal. I got slightly less than a gallon from the recipe I posted earlier.

If you aren’t used to probiotics, start slowly with this. I drink some in the morning (with my morning probiotics) and two glasses at the end of day. You can almost feel the drink is alive as you’re drinking it.

You can drink it straight.

You can drink it with about 3/4 fly and 1/4 soda water. Tastes like rad ginger-ale.

You can drink it ditto, with some vodka, a lemon twist ,and a cinnamon-twizzle stick. You will astound your friends with this cocktail, and have them guessing ingredients. Look mysterious.

You know the cultured yogurt commercial where they make graceful hula-like gestures to show things are, um  . . . heading, down and out? That’s what probiotics do.

If you are new to this, you might want to start on a Friday before the weekend. It might be a moving experience the next day, after which, your gut will reward you with not  being grumpy, noisy, or sluggish once you find intake that’s right for you.

This is meant to promote a healthy gut, heal a leaky gut, and generally help your micro-biome protect you against bad invaders. So, moderate your intake until you get to a point where you feel healthy, energetic, and with no tummy rumbles.

Who knew probiotics could be so delicious?


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