Make whey — #culturesforhealth

yogurt strainer from
I’m nothing if not literal in this post. I’m making whey in this thing.

You can do this with a fine strainer in a bowl, some cheese cloth to line the strainer, and a lid to cover the whole draining rig, but I do this a lot, so I have a tool for it–also works great for salting and draining cucumbers.

This is a super-fine soft fabric sieve that fits in a draining bowl with a tight fitting lid. You can leave it in the fridge without getting stinky yogurt from the other things that might be in your chill-chest

And here it is filled with some yogurt with great active cultures. You get super-thick Greek-type yogurt up top, whey in the bottom. I got about a cup and a half of whey from this entire container.

loaded, about to be locked

This useful object, along with other delightful cultures, tools for fermenting, tips and recipes can be had from


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