Great keto infographic (and post) from Factor 75

Factor 75 is one of those pre-prepared meal delivery places with a DIFFERENCE.  The specialize in paleo menus, which are by definition gluten-free; theirs are grass-fed and non-GMO to boot.They have vegetarian and dairy-free options too. Continue reading Great keto infographic (and post) from Factor 75


Thrive! I mean it.

Just to say up-front, I don’t know anyone at the Thrive Market (though they seem like very nice, thoughtful people), and I’m not getting anything in return for writing about them. I sure do intend, however, to pay up for a full membership when my trial period ends in three days, (which also happens to be New Year’s Eve). So that’s my disclaimer, which really doesn’t claim or dis anything. Maybe it’s a resolution.

Now begins the blog post:

I get most of my food , vitamins, and supplements delivered. From local stores, from big-name whole food chains, from the almighty Amazon (not going to insult your intelligence by providing a link for that one), from stupendous places such as Swanson‘s. Continue reading Thrive! I mean it.

What to do when your brain catches fire


Sorry for the silence. I’ve had a bit of a setback this past week.

My work is seasonal, and the week-before-last was one of those “hair-on-fire” weeks. My brain took the hit, as I worked in excess of 55 hours in five days. I thought I’d gotten through OK, was rather smug about it in fact, but I found myself in the middle of an MS episode last weekend. The symptoms started to cascade: loss of balance, chills and fever, symptoms of food poisoning (sure sign I have an episode in progress), and extreme fatigue. Continue reading What to do when your brain catches fire