Great keto infographic (and post) from Factor 75

Factor 75 is one of those pre-prepared meal delivery places with a DIFFERENCE.  The specialize in paleo menus, which are by definition gluten-free; theirs are grass-fed and non-GMO to boot.They have vegetarian and dairy-free options too.

I like cooking too much to share–usually–but Factor 75 has a great blog. And I’m occasionally tempted by the idea of having a meal I didn‘t make that I don’t have to worry about ruining my week through cross-contamination. Other box-dinner places seem to just back off the allergy issues because all types of foods are prepared in the same kitchen.

A recent installment on the Factor 75 blog featured an informative  post on a ketogenic diet.

The minimum order for Factor 75 is 5 meals a week. it’s about $7/per breakfast and $14/lunch or dinner.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a relationship with the company other than getting their blog emails.


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