A new look for biotin, or, “Breaking Even”


OK, folks. I’ve got the white powder. I’ve got the lab equipment. I’ve got the “I’m pissed off and I’m not going to take it anymore” attitude.

I got my OWN sack of pure pharmaceutical-grade biotin, and the tools to use it.

So, no longer stuck in this situation.

I bought a scale accurate to 0.001 grams (pharmaceutical scale). ($20)

I bought a drug-measuring spatula.($4)

I bought test tubes and a stand ($15)

I bought some disposable weigh-boats ($7/100 boats)

I already had a teeny-tiny stainless steel funnel. (came with a Lampe Berger)

And a clear borosillicate glass teapot (so I can see it is scrupulously clean) that has a very precise pour, for my distilled water. (That was an unnecessary splurge at $40)– you just need a very clean pot to boil and pour water, but this one looks great on a gas burner. A Pyrex  measuring cup with a handle and spout in the microwave would also work.

I put 0.34 – ish grams in each tube (there is a tiny bit of waste, so I overshoot the 0.300 g dose I took before by a tad). (Measure this powder by weight, not by spoons; and don’t use a kitchen scale. This is a teeny-tiny amount.)

I fill tubes 3/4 with hot distilled water and cork them.

I shake on the day and drink. Wash out any residue with more distilled water, and drink until the tube is clear.

Instead of $270/mo. for my biotin dose, now the cost is more like $200/year.

I’m not “Breaking Bad.” I’m “Breaking Even.”

(Hair is also still going/growing strong.)


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