A new rant about water quality: home distilling

Well, maybe not a rant, more like a long shudder . . .

I wrote about water quality some time ago.

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Then I decided to make my own.

I go through a lot of distilled water: for my fountain, aromatherapy diffuser, coffee maker, biotin solution . . . occasional drinking . . .and find it difficult to carry a case up the steps. Impossible, in fact. It takes six trips. Three if I’m feeling sturdy.

Fresh Direct will carry up the case, but I don’t order frequently enough to keep it around. There’s a Walgreens being built up the street, but it’s taking forever to open.

So, I got a counter-top water distiller.

It looks a bit like a storm trooper.

(It’s a trooper, that’s true. I make at least a gallon a day.)

I got lazy on Friday and filled the tank with tap water. I usually get the water into the distiller from the Paragon water filter, water that already has some minerals and the chlorine taken out. For some odd reason, the Paragon is on one of the twin sinks in the bathroom, as the kitchen faucet is too fancy to fit the filter’s adapter. That is to say, the filtered water is a walk away from the distiller, whereas the kitchen sink is a few inches away.

What’s left when you wind up with the not-water taken out of the tap water? Ugh!!

Sorry the pictures are blurry. The light was poor. I was creeped out. As I never expect to distill straight tap water again, it was a once-and-only photo opportunity.

Update: the water quality in my borough meets, and in all cases, exceeds, national standards.


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