Oh, yay! Oh, not!

pizza hut ad

Oh, my.

My Amazon Echo can now order gluten-free pizza at my most casual utterance (!). She won’t answer the door and tip the delivery-person though. Lazy cylinder.

Unfortunately, that pizza comes with the standard warning, which is to say, it’s made in the same kitchen as everything else.  The firm “DOES NOT recommend this pizza for customers with celiac disease.” Pffft.

OK, thanks for trying. (Don’t hurt yourself, or anything. Don’t let the screen door hit your corporate keister on the way out of my wallet.)

Well, another company, Pizza Hut, seems to be trying a bit harder. “We’re Careful” they say on their website.  They protect you with gloves in prep and parchment paper in the oven. They use the same crust I have in my freezer for a BIG YUMMY ANNUAL CARB occasion. (I can tell you, after extensive testing, Udi’s is best of breed.) I’m still not sure. Same kitchen. Not sure if any flour flies around in that place. Likely not. I think everything is frozen. Not sure. Not sure. I’d have a pizza more often if I were sure.

Cauliflower crust, you’re smelling a bit more not-weird. to me I love you and your cruciferous cousins. But bread, you is not.

Oh, pizza.



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