More Thrive love — yeah, I have trouble with math too

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.52.36 PM

OK, they forgot a zero or their algorithm went south. I expect I’ve saved several hundred since January.

I know it’s the internet meme to have your cat sit in the empty Thrive box for a post photo.

I live in a “pet-free” zone. So, here’s the best I can do:


I also try to do unboxing photos with each exquisitely packaged order. Instead, I rip into the box like a deranged wolf looking for the meat sticks.

Hey, nobody’s perfect.

Update: 5/7/16 — next order on the way:

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.19.23 PM

That’s more like it.

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KO for BO, aluminum-free

I’ m three years into a concerted search for a natural product to rival my favorite antiperspirant. That product  is “clinical strength,” marketed for women, and is pretty much like aluminum-siding  your underarms. You don’t sweat, you don’t smell, and you can even skip a few days like they say on the commercial. It’s pretty much my last holdout in the supermarket toiletries aisle.

I know this can’t be good for you. Particularly since it’s used close to lymph nodes, breasts, and other cancer-prone body parts. So, every once in a while I try to find something more natural.

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Furniture scratches? Nuts.

This idea via #ThriveMarket, and a blog post on how to get rid of scratches in furniture using — a walnut.

A beautiful table my father made me (coincidentally of walnut wood) looks great, but scratches easily. I keep getting a fine network of superficial scratches that are very obvious with anything I put on top. Continue reading Furniture scratches? Nuts.