Furniture scratches? Nuts.

This idea via #ThriveMarket, and a blog post on how to get rid of scratches in furniture using — a walnut.

A beautiful table my father made me (coincidentally of walnut wood) looks great, but scratches easily. I keep getting a fine network of superficial scratches that are very obvious with anything I put on top.

Here’s Thrive Market’s tip to fix this. Get a walnut. Mine was frozen so I cut it in half to reveal the interior.

Rub on the scratches. Wait a bit.

Came back half an hour later. Did nothing to wood, but brush away walnut bits. Did not touch camera except to press the shutter (although my light kit ran out of batteries in the meantime, hence, no light flare in bottom left).


Here’s the “before” at the same scale as the “after.”DSC_0479

No more petroleum products for scratch removal.


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