A new addition to the household: Waterwise distiller

Even more saga on my quest for water quality. The hardworking Storm-Trooper distiller died with a dramatic gurgle and a melted power switch. That was both sad and scary.

Then I found out how much I needed that thing. I use about a case of distilled water every week, for various uses. I take my probiotics with it, for example, so there is no chance of the chlorine in my tap water killing the helpful bugs. And I use it to make my biotin.

Enter a more expensive version, built like a tank, built in the US, and with the handy spigot dispense at the bottom of the collection jar, so that you can use the water as it distills, and keep it there for daily use. That’s a clever design that didn’t impress not-so-clever me until I saw it working.

The boiler is hidden inside the chassis of the distiller, and doesn’t actually bake the chamber bone-dry, so it is much easier to clean than the blegh stuff left in the old machine. I use citric acid and boiling water to clean it, as I did the old one, but the buildup is far less. There is such a thing as food-grade hydrogen peroxide, I’ve discovered. Six ounces of that and some  hot tap water sanitizes the collection tank.

Happy again. The swishing of the washing machine, and the hum of the distiller are the new sounds of Sunday. Three more gallons to go to refill my stash of water.




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