Can’t get enough of these ice cube trays

I find lately, every time I order from Amazon, I add a pack of these ice cube trays.

They’re nothing beyond the standard ice-cube tray except for a few features.

  • the lid makes them stack-able
  • the lid keeps them fresh and odor-free
  • they are BPA-free
  • the hole in the lid makes them easy to fill with water without spilling
  • the lid,left on, allows you to pop out the ice cubes without bedizening the floor with them — you flip the tray upside down, use what you need, and flip the rest back into the tray
  • you can choose the quality of water that goes in them. My fridge has a filter for the ice maker. The ice cubes still smell like chlorine. I have flipped up the lever on the ice maker to turn it off, and fill the bin with these cubes instead. Stinky cubes? Got fresh ones in the tray

I’m sure there are higher quality ones out there, but these, for the price are working great for me, and I like the thin plastic tray for flexibility in popping the cubes. I use them for seed cream, water, and other uses (maybe pesto) yet to be discovered.



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