An eggs-cellent Easter meal

Feeling like ham and eggs today.

So I did this:

Standard muffin tins lined with bacon and a circle of cooked “city” ham at the bottom.

Into the cups I put an egg mixed with a splash of cream, and a pinch of salt. My extra-large eggs filled three muffin cups per two eggs.

IMG_0952To each egg-filled cup, I added about a tablespoon of cream cheese, and shredded cheddar cheese on top.

IMG_0956 2

Then sprinkled with black pepper and a pinch of gluten-free zatar, a mix of roasted thyme and sesame seeds.

Baked in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes.

If the bacon around the egg cups is flabby, but the eggs are done, you can reheat them for serving, upside down, on a baking dish to crisp up the outer bacon and ham. These are also good cold.

If you don’t want the fuss of wrapping the bacon and ham around the cups, just dice, cook, drain and cool the meats, and mix with the egg/cream/cheese mix as above. In that case, you’ll have to grease the muffin tin. Since this is so close to a Western omelet, feel free to add some chopped vegetables such as green and red peppers.

And with the leftover bits of ham and bacon, crisped up, two leeks, one sweet potato, and half a large celery root (to be about equal to the sweet potato:

I sauteed the leeks in bacon and ham drippings, added the potato and celery root, salt, and enough chicken broth to cover. Simmered until the vegetables were tender.

I then pureed the mix of vegetables and broth, added what remained of the cream cheese (about 4 oz. and the rest of the heavy cream (about 6 oz.), tested for seasoning (more salt, white pepper and nutmeg)


Top soup with shredded cheddar and bacon/ham bits to serve.

Equally good with vegetable broth and coconut milk, if you are non-dairy or vegan. I’d put some a small dice of celeriac or shredded parsnip, fried until golden, or some toasted nuts on top.


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