Refrigerator helper

I was on the Thrive blog reading this post about how home refrigerators are often much dirtier than you think. The refrigerators at work are usually something between a compost bin with a light, and something I can’t open without gagging. So, I’m particular about what goes on in mine.

I like to clear food out weekly, and give the ‘fridge a good clean about every other month.

With raw meat often thawing on the bottom shelf, a love of cruciferous vegetables which pack a whiff, and generally ongoing fermentation experiments, I figure my fridge needs a bit of help.

So, I first got this sort of thing, a refrigerator ionizer, for a friend who raw-feeds her pet. She said it made a great difference in the food NOT oxidizing as it thawed.

So, I decided to get one for myself. The product says it kills bacteria, molds and fungi, dissolves any pesticides on vegetables, and eliminates odor.

I scrubbed the refrigerator within an inch of its life in advance of getting the ionizer, using a mixture of diluted vinegar and diluted Sal Suds. I took out all the fixtures, washed them, washed down the walls and the gasket on the door. The next day the ionizer arrived.

It has two settings, normal, and ballistic.

It smells like ions, not cabbage in there. I current have a partial head of cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cooked kale, and some cauliflower soup going, so there’s something to work against. No odor.

And I can’t say if the claims are true, but no smells (but ions), and the vegetables I have seem to be lasting twice as long.

It’s like battery operated baking soda. Although it does seem to be helping to preserve the food. The cauliflower soup came into being yesterday because I found a rather elderly head of cauliflower I’d forgotten about. Organic, so it lasts longer anyway, but still pure white after two weeks. I can only thank the ionizer.



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