It’s cloudy today

No, not out there. . . .
. . . it's cloudy in here. Blergh.
. . . it’s cloudy in here. Blech.

With all the stuff I put my Vitamix through, various caffeinations, protein rich liquids, vegetation, you’d think I’d notice sooner when things get a bit murky in the carafe. What to do?

Here’s my super-hero trio to the rescue:


Citric acid, which is a great all-round cleaner, vinegar, and my cute OXO baby bottle brush. The hot water is for later.

I put hot tap water, half a cup of citric acid, and  a cup of vinegar in the carafe. I fill it about 3/4 so that the hot liquid doesn’t blow the lid off the blender.

Wow, the base looks really gross. Soon will be better.

Then I turn it on high and walk away. I turn it off when the Vitamix actually starts almost boiling this yukky mix. That takes about five minutes.

Then the thing in the lid gets a spa treatment:

vinegar bath, so soothing
vinegar bath, so soothing

The empty carafe gets a long soak in a sink full of more citric acid, vinegar, and soap. This is where I dump in a couple of pots of hot water from the kettle to boost the temp of the tap water. Since the water is full of citric acid and acetic acid, it ACIDIC, so wear gloves if you have sensitive skin.

I really like that brush for daily cleaning of the Vitamix. I call it my matroyshka brush. It is a brush of parts:

A brush with a hidden weapon inside. Also a two-part drip cup for easy cleaning.

The little brush inside is meant for cleaning the nipples on baby bottles, but it also works on those awkward little straws on adult sippy-cups. Erm, I mean sports bottles. (Last time a sport showed up around here, it got a stern lecture and went away.)

Although I was tricked into watching the Newcastle-Chelsea match yesterday (2-2!?), sports usually don’t get to take up pixel space in my house. I more listened than watched to the match. I thought there would be more Geordie humiliation involved. Then some of our sort of football came on . . . and the channel got switched pronto. Anyway. I’m now listening to my Vitamix carafe soaking. The Pioneer Woman might be playing in the background. Time for a cup of coffee. I’m watching Ree Drummond go binge-shopping at the big supermarket two hours away from her ranch. There’s a lot of cheese involved.

Soaking done. Now I scrub:

Don’t neglect this part. Things can get pretty scary down there.

More scrubbing with dish-washing liquid. Straight vinegar for any clouds left.

Ready to spin another day. Be careful about reaching in there. I let that part air-dry.
Clarity. I think I hear a celestial choir. No wait, it’s still the Food Network.

So, my carafe has a few years on it — but I can still get it to look almost new.

I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Rinse very well before you quit, or your next whatever may taste a bit like lemon salad.

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