Gaiam home products, going to miss you — now in search of organic jersey sheets

I recently looked on Gaiam for some sheets and couldn’t find anything but dead links on other sites.

Then I saw this on their twitter feed:

Screen Shot from Gaiam twitter feed t 2015-08-15 at 12.13.16 PM

That’s a pity. Their jersey sheets were the best. Others I’ve gotten, even from sites that offer luxury bedding, are not so soft or long lasting (they tend to get small holes in them. I don’t know why. I wash them in gentle soap, no detergent, and always by themselves.) They also aren’t quite the right size. Maybe they get holes in them because they are too stretched?

Going to try L.L Bean next, I guess, if I can get over the drab colors — dark blue looks OK. Based on past experience, I expect them to be well-made.

I’m looking for a soft, thick jersey with at least 15″ deep pockets on the fitted sheet. Organic, preferred.

I’ve bought many home goods from Gaiam over the years, and it’s a pity to see that line gone. They’ve limited their goods now mostly to yoga and athletic things. My floor exercises, given my balance problems, are most likely to be an accidental face-plant in the carpet. Less “downward-facing-dog”  than “oh, crap.”


Any suggestions, most welcome. I’ve tried Garnet Hill and Company Store, whose sheets I usually love, but the knit ones are too shallow for my mattress. The Coyuchi brand looks nice. I might start there. Love to hear feedback from anyone who’s tried them or another brand. Since I have an adjustable bed the lavishly deep pockets on the Gaiam sheets were ideal, as they didn’t pop out at the sides no matter how the bed was adjusted.

I guess I’ll treasure the Gaiam sheets I have, and hope to find something similar.

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